Restored by Touch Massage and Wellness ~ Reaching Deep Tissue with Gentle Touch for Optimal Results. Modifying Lifestyle to Maintain Results. MM26405

Restored by Touch provides customized restorative massage therapy and lifestyle consultation designed to help enrich and sustain optimal wellness. This personal approach uses multiple techniques dictated by client needs.

Our sessions are never rushed or mechanical. Appointments start in a relaxing setting with a pre-massage health screening. This sets the foundation for a treatment plan combining various modalities targeting individual preferences, health issues, stress levels, career/job/lifestyle demands and existing pain/tension. Each therapy session differs from client to client and may differ between sessions for the same person. Unwavering is the commitment to implement safe tactics used to maximize clients’ highest well-being.

Regardless of methods used, Restored by Touch always protects modesty by draping. This means most of the recipient's body is covered by a sheet during the massage, and the sheet is adjusted with treatment of each body section. Many Techniques are effective with fully clothed clients, thus can be modified according to personal preferences. Work-place massage is an example where massage recipients are typically clothed during massage. Clients who prefer to maximize Active Isolated Stretching in their sessions wear stretchy long pants and stretchy shirt.


Carole Suzanne Jackson, BS, MA, LMT, NCTMB.

Carole Suzanne has practiced Massage Therapy on
Carole Suzanne was first drawn to massage therapy when her own back pain defied help from chiropractors and physicians. After massage therapy provided the relief she sought, she began an apprenticeship with her massage therapist. With that minimal training in 1989, she preferred to practice massage on friends and family. After their repeated claims that they responded better to her massages than massages they received from licensed massage therapists, she decided to get certified to practice professionally. She continues to enhance her skills through Continuing Education courses.

Although she is most experienced in deep tissue massage including trigger point therapy, she combines a variety of advanced techniques, to address each client’s problem areas. She works with deliberate concentration to achieve healthy changes in soft tissue and to help reduce stress and pain.

Carole Suzanne loves helping people manage their lives to increase vitality and avoid diseases that hospitalize. After earning two degrees at the University of Central Florida, she completed the course study at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy. Through massage therapy and following her recommended lifestyle changes, most of her clients have new gusto. She says, “It’s especially rewarding to see my clients set free from painful conditions like Chronic Myofascial Pain and Plantar Fasciitis. My latest client went off heavy medication after his first treatment for a migraine headache. He’s been off the medication for several months now."

Jackson goes on to say, "Massage has its roots in medical care. Before drugs became prevalent in our culture, physicians had massage therapy skills for treating many conditions. It's starting to come full circle. As more people prefer to avoid medication and invasive treatments, they are turning to massage therapy. Many physicians refer patients for massage therapy and other body work such as manual lymphatic drainage. These get to root causes rather than managing symptoms alone. Hospitals such as Florida Hospital have massage therapists on staff. It's been a long time coming, but massage therapy is gaining recognition for the powerful healing tool that it is.

I'm also thrilled to see even longer lasting results when Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is included. I've been using AIS personally since 2005. I've been offering it to my clients since 2008, and I continue to sharpen those precise skills through studying under AIS founder, Aaron Mattes.”


Continuing education continues monthly through Florida State Massage Therapy Association and other authorities in the field of massage and other body work in the healing arts. This includes on going advanced studies under Aaron Mattes for Active Isolated Stretching.

Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, August 2008

University of Central Florida
*     M.A. in Communication (applied to health.) - completed 1992

*     B.S. in Liberal Studies (Health and Wellness orientation included Behavioral Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Education, Communication electives) with a minor in Health- completed 1989


"I came to Restored by Touch when my doctor prescribed massage to treat a migraine that I’d had over three months. After my first treatment, I was able go off the heavy medication. After my third treatment, relief came—no pain, no tension." ~ JS, seminary student

"Before receiving massage, I hurt from head to toe in many places. Carole Suzanne explained that I had trigger points in all four of the major quadrants of my body. Unless the key areas in each quadrant were treated, it could exacerbate the problem and or render the treated areas unable to hold the treatments. That required a two-hour massage with trigger point release techniques. I also needed weekly follow-up one-hour sessions for a couple months or so. Scheduling late night massages helped me work them into my busy schedule. She also taught me good self care techniques. Now I’m pain free for a month or two between treatments. Continuing regular massage every month or so helps me manage long hours working at the computer that is so hard on my body.” ~ Cheri Cowell, freelance writer and speaker

"During my first treatment for plantar fasciitis, I could tolerate light touch only. Carole Suzanne managed trigger point releases at my comfort level. I felt instant relief. By the second treatment, I could receive three times the pressure. I'm amazed that she found trigger points in my calves that affected my feet. I’ve remained pain free from plantar fasciitis since that treatment about a year ago. It’s been incredibly restorative."
~ Charlene Davis, business writer

“I’m getting better results from my sessions with you than I did with acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments. My foot was dragging when I walked; it now feels almost normal [after two sessions]. I'm doing the self care you recommended; that's helping also.”
~ NG, photographer

"Thanks so much for the massage and consultation last night. I feel so good today!! And my hip doesn't hurt anymore [after one session]! Yea! Hope you have a blessed day today. "
~ Linda Patrick, receptionist

"I have used massage therapy for years, not only for my fibromyalgia but also for lower back and hip problems. I have used therapists who know what they are doing and those who, when it comes to FM, don't. I can honestly say that Carole Suzanne Jackson's technique did more to help my FM than the others. What amazed me most was not just how good I felt when I left the appointment, but also how much better I felt the following day. When I implemented stretching, as Ms. Jackson suggested, my joints and muscles did wonderful things! I'm not even sure I can explain it. I can only tell you that it felt soooo gooood! And, I've noticed that with her technique, my body stays pain free longer. I highly recommend Restored by Touch for anyone who has suffered with fibromyalgia."
~ Eva Marie Everson, speaker / writer

 “After years of physical affliction, Restored by Touch gave me relief. I still have a long way to go, but I now have more mobility and less pain when I maintain with daily AIS. My hip and arthritic hand no longer ache during rest. This allows me to do and enjoy more gardening and other activities of daily living. The results are different than any other stretching and massage I’ve experienced.”
Patricia Senft

"I can't wait to come and see you [for my personal appointment] .....You are awesome!
Everybody is still talking about you and their [chair] massage ~ they expressed
to me that they want you back at next year's retreat!.

I will be giving your information out to the ladies that comes to the parenting class on next week-end.

Again thank you and see you soon!"
~ Evangelist Reed, Truth By Fire International Ministries, Inc.

“Thank you for your participation in making Palm Beach Atlantic University’s, Orlando Campus, Fall Welcome Week a huge success. We appreciate your willingness to come out and provide [chair] massages for our staff, faculty and students. You definitely helped make our first week back a huge success.

We look forward in partnering with you in the future.”
~ Dr. Craig Domeck / Dean, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Central Florida Campuses

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 Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and active isolated stretching. With customized massages, she may also incorporate some craniosacral therapy, and / or reflexology. She has advanced training under Aaron L. Mattes  -- a terrific option for clients who need deep work and want to participate in their healing process.

Certifications & Community & Professional Organizations


National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, since December 2008 

Florida Department of Health - Licenses MM26405, MA 55130 Board of Massage Therapy since December 2008

Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Inc; since November 2008.

American Massage Therapy Association

Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce - 2013

Word Weavers Professional Writers Group; July 1999 - October 2006 and steering committee member October 2002 – October 2005.

Northland Church since 1992

Man in the Mirror program by Patrick Morley since 2004

Related Professional Experiences 

Freelance Licensed Massage Therapist since December 2008

Freelance Copy and Health Writer / Speaker since 2001

Adjunct Professor, Valencia Community College: Public Speaking, Personal Health, and Student Success, August 1993 – December 1996

Wellness Coach, University of Central Florida Wellness Center 1986 – 1988